Why Doormats Are Important?

Rhodelyn Barnizo
Welcome mats could help provide a welcoming and appealing greeting to your house, but do they have any useful properties other than their beautiful appearance? 
Welcome mats can help protect your tile, carpet, or hardwood flooring from unpleasant and hazardous impurities, as well as keep it appearing clean for a longer time. Therefore, there's more to doormats than a necessary part of home decor. They are also an essential part of the house.

Here are the 4 reasons why doormats are important to your house.


Doormats defend your carpets against mud, dirt, and water. Of course, one of the most obvious advantages of putting entry mats at each door in your home is that it urges your family and visitors to wipe their feet and avoid bringing mud and grime inside. Having an entrance mat allows a person to remove some of the excess dust from his shoes so that they won’t go inside your building. They provide the first level of protection from dirt and dust getting into your home.

Wet Conditions Protection

Rain is a headache for people concerned with maintaining a clean place because it is the reason for muddy floors. You won't have to worry about rain getting your flooring all muddy if you have a doormat welcoming each guest at each doorway. Before entering, they may just wipe their shoes clean and dry. 

Indoor Air Quality Protection

When dirt, dust, chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins are carried in on shoes and become trapped in carpet and floor cracks, the indoor air quality becomes poor. When vacuuming, dust, chemicals, and toxins can be stirred up, increasing indoor pollution and causing problems for people with asthma, allergies, and sensitivities. Entrance mats can help capture these toxins and keep them from harming your home's air quality.

Slip Protection

After heavy rain, stepping onto a tiled or laminate floor with wet shoes may be risky, especially if several people are coming in and out since moisture can quickly build up. Having a doormat not only protects your floor from wetness but also avoids any mishaps. Slipping is a danger that’s quite common. You may simply reduce the chance of individuals slipping as they navigate their way into your house by placing an entrance mat at each door. 

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Guide To Buying A Doormat In 195 Words

Rhodelyn Barnizo
There are a few different factors to take into consideration when choosing a doormat. That’s why Doormat Buying Guide will help you in choosing a doormat that meets your specific requirements and preferences.


My advice when choosing a doormat is don’t be afraid to have some fun when choosing a doormat. Go crazy with pretty styles. There are so many doormats that you can customize according to your preference. Choose your font, color, and style. Feel free to be unique and classy.


It is important to have a good size of your doormat. About 80% to the full size of your door’s width will be a good doormat size. The standard door is about 3 feet wide so for the standard door, it is best to have about 30 inches wide doormat.


There are several doormat shapes that we can choose from, but the most common doormat is a rectangular shape. The reason for this is that doormats that are rectangular in shape cover the entire width of the door. However, there are several shapes that people choose as well. There are square, oval, and round doormats that we can choose from.

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Great Stylish Doormat Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Rhodelyn Barnizo


In addition to being a vital aspect of curb appeal, your doorway is one of the first impressions that guests have of your home. That’s why it is important to make it appealing. Surprisingly, doormats can also serve as designs for your home. Doormats can be stylish and can provide a final touch to your doorway. It can also look great and set the tone for the rest of your home. Indeed, doormats are essential home design items that not only help you maintain your home's cleanliness but also serve as a beautiful entrance to your home.


Here are a few samples of doormats that may provide your doorway with a finishing touch.


This stylish, funny and unique doormat makes a perfectly fun addition to your door. 




This doormat demonstrates how much you adore dogs and can be a great addition to the beauty of your entryway.



This one of a kind doormat that you can customize is perfect for welcoming your guests.


This elegant and one-of-a-kind doormat is a great accent to any porch, patio, or entryway.


With the right doormats placed at every door of your home, you can make an otherwise plain floor or dull tiles much more exciting.


To create a stunning entranceway that attracts attention, take a look at our homepage and discover more beautiful pieces of art that you can have right in front of your doorway. 


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We Can Drop Ship For You!


Let us pick, pack, and ship your domestic doormat orders.  You send us the orders, we'll do all the heavy lifting.  Hello Doormats sells direct to customer but we also have a thriving drop ship business where we fulfill doormat orders for other doormat sellers.

Hello Doormats Shipping Facility

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We're Live!

After several months of selling doormats on Etsy we've finally launched our own Shopify store!

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